Financial Grants

One of the ways Mission Myeloma provides hope to myeloma patients & their families

Financial Grants

We’re beyond excited to announce the launch of the Mission Myeloma, Inc. financial grants! Effective February 2018, we are accepting applications from myeloma patients. This is one of the ways we’re showing support and providing hope to the myeloma community.

Grant applicant MUST have a myeloma diagnosis.

The main sections of the application includes:

  • general applicant information
  • brief financial information
  • myeloma medical team confirmation

Accepted applicants will be awarded financial assistance to be used to offset the challenges of the myeloma journey.

About the Application Process
Myeloma Medical Team Confirmation

Part of the application process includes the verification of the applicant’s myeloma diagnosis and treatment with their medical team. The applicant is required to attach a signed letter from a member of their medical team where they’re currently receiving, or have recently undergone, myeloma treatment(s). (This MUST be on official letterhead.)

Submitting the Application

Submit completed grant application and myeloma medical team confirmation, together, to the following:

Mission Myeloma, Inc.
PO Box 103
Kimberly, WI 54136

We will reject incomplete applications. Submit completed grant application and myeloma medical team confirmation, together via mail or email (coming soon!) A completed application does not guarantee the applicant will receive a financial grant. Applications will be reviewed by the Mission Myeloma, Inc. Board of Directors. You will be notified by email or phone call once a decision has been made.